Fri, 04/12/2009 – Jude Fanton

We toured the rural areas around and near Jharol, Rajasthan, India, and met with three medium-scale farmers who organically grow vegetables, cereals, pulses and medicinal herbs. These farmers explained that it is difficult to make as much money organically as with conventional methods, though their inputs are cheaper.


There was much discussion with a lively input from Premilla Dixit, whose father was at the forefront of the Green Revolution. Premilla is trying to redress that legacy by promoting organics, herbal medicines and general environmentalism.


The farmers agreed that they need a marketing campaign to receive a premium for their higher quality produce. Farmers fields are quite small and they invariably use oxen.


IMAGE Farmer ploughing with ox.


We filmed activities in the field and processing of the recent harvest.


IMAGE Michel with women and their local variety of corn.


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