Sun, 07/02/2010 – Jude Fanton
Some 200,000 tonnes of US soya beans have been blocked at EU ports this year because they contained trace amounts of two varieties of GM maize that have not yet been approved by member states.
Farmers’ groups have warned they face a “serious shortage” of livestock feed in a matter of weeks because of the EU’s zero tolerance of unapproved GMOs in imported feed and foodstuffs. European Union buyers have voluntarily moved to stop imports of US soy after soybean meal shipments to Spain and Germany were found with traces of GMO corn. The shipments have been rejected at the EU borders and have been consigned and recalled when already on the market within the EU, unless they have already been consumed. They were found to contain the corn varieties MON-88017 and MIR-604.
Reuters, 6/12/09

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