Wed, 01/12/2010 – Jude Fanton
After typing this blog, I might go back to doing a Twitter, then again, I could do another blog, or a Facebook entry, continue editing the 150 youtube film clips that Michel has generated, or I might be tempted to update our website, choose images for our Powerpoint presentations at Woodford Festival. Yep, I could post some of the thousands of images we have taken these last four months, but I would need to select, crop and re-size them. Then again, I think I’d rather check, reply and file some emails, do some netbanking, continue writing articles for others’ websites and a newspaper, write a message for Emailbrain to send out to 6 000 people, write a message to our 100 Local Seed Networks, type up plans and content for next year’s courses, think up adcopy for those courses, start entering data into this year’s accounts …
I might take a walk to the famed monthly market here in Ranau, Sabah, with tiny tribal women, their backs bending under baskets about their size filled with weird and wild goods, some of them alive, some dead, some smoked, sliced, pickled or dried, ferns, edible what-I-would-call weeds, edible flowers, fruits I have never seen and medicines, skin and hair treatments made of bark, leaves, roots and possibly dirt. I am actually relating what we saw on the weekly market last Saturday.
No doubt on this, the monthly, market I will see even more bizarre stuff that will require photographing, twittering and blogging about. Not to mention youtubing and facebooking. Ahhh! Too many options makes you feel alive, non?
IMAGE: Torch ginger (Etlingera elatior) flowers for sale at Ranau market – sour taste is used in green papaya salad. The insides of stems are also eaten.
IMAGE: Jude is about to shake hands with a basket-lumping Dusun woman
Anyway, if you have read down to here, you might like to view our further thoughts, images and clips going ever-back-in-time on:

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