The Seed Savers’ Network, est. 1985

The Seed Savers’ Network is a not-for-profit organisation, based in Australia, that conserves traditional varieties of food plants in home gardens. We save seeds of varieties that are locally-adapted and hardy, and that grow with home-made composts, not synthetic fertilisers nor toxic biocides.

We are local seed legends saving locally-adapted seeds of tomorrow’s food.

The Seed Savers’ Handbook,

A Permaculture Seed

The 2024 edition of our “The Seed Savers’ Handbook, A Permaculture Seed“, includes a personal perspective by author, TV presenter and curator Jerry Coleby-Williams:-

“Saving seed from your best plants each year you can improve your crops, creating localised varieties adapted to your local soils and conditions and to the more extreme stresses and strains of our continually surprising climate. Our multicultural society has a rich history of seed conservation. This is your guide to maintaining the vitality of that heritage.”

Permaculture founder, Bill Mollison wrote:-

“I believe this book to be essential for all caring farmers, gardeners, cooks and parents, and I trust that it will speed our return to good nutrition and a healthy society.”

Free books to download

Here are a couple of our books now free to download- Local Seed Network Manual” on how to start a group that collects, uses and shares locally adapted seeds and other planting material and Seed to Seed Food Gardens on how to start a food garden.

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We no longer send books outside Australia

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Seed Savers Handbook
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Our books and DVDs are translated into eight languages

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