The Seed Savers’ Network was created 30 years ago.
Start your very local Local Seed Network!

You too can easily save top class vegetable seeds for free! Why buy seeds when your locally adapted vegetable seeds are best for growing pesticide free food? ?

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Offer The Seed Savers’ Handbook and a dvd, as a package!. The DVD is sent to your gardening friend at cost price. We pay postage charges within Australia.

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Bookshops, nurseries, Local Seed Networks, Permaculture groups and individuals obtain Seed Savers Handbooks at wholesale prices, up to 50% discount when they buy a box. Our books and dvds are translated in 8 languages

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Why not swap seeds in one of the 100 registered Local Seed Networks in Oz: Find them on the map below.

(click on this map, expand it to find your area)

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Local Seed Networks share seeds, cuttings, tubers, how to’s and food from their gardens

Be the lucky one who host these seed share meetings. 100 groups just in Australia. Click here to find out more and register a Local Seed Network WITHIN AustraliaClick Here to register a Local Seed Network OUTSIDE Australia

Our global seed work since 1986 as a not-for-profit org.

Riding donkeys in Africa, canoes in Papua, old buses in India, 4WD luxury cars with an NGO in Afghanistan, the intrepid Australian Seed Savers Jude and Michel Fanton have travelled a few months each year since 1989. The seed share effect is felt in forty-four countries.

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Seed news from around the world

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SeedSavers have produced 1500 short video clips/rushes: find our how experienced gardeners save their seeds worldwide and much more in 50 playlists, 2.5 million views.

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Household names in SeedSavers: Mohamed Ali meeting SeedSavers in Cuba, and more.

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Let us add you to the friends of SeedSavers: michel(at)

  • June and July Seed tour this european summer 2016

    Jude and Michel will be travelling to Singapore, Turkey, Italy and France this coming June and July. Michel will visit his gardening family in Les Vosges and the southerm bighland of Les Cevennes in Le Vigan to celebrate his 70th birthday with 30 years of seed action in 40 countries.

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  • Seed safe in gardeners hands: the Syrian war

    Farrmers in Syria have their own networks to give and exchange vegetable  and grain seeds. They always had. How Syrians Saved an Ancient Seedbank From Civil War

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  • Vanuatu. We Took Part In An Australian Aid Program. It Was More About Helping Your Country Than Ours

    Australia has long held an ideological opposition to the way of life of my people in Vanuatu. Customary land, our traditions, our ‘subsistence’ culture and ‘informal’ economy are seen as inherent impediments to development. Our perspective and values are not taken into consideration because countries like Australia see only the need for economic growth Advocates... Read More

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  • Miriam Makeba loves seed freedom

    Miriam Makeba loves seed freedom

    Miriam Makeba the champion of freedom who was married to a Black Panthers, felt that seed belong to peasant farmers not corporations. After her concert in Brisbane Australia she asked Michel and Jude for a drink at her hotel in Brisbane while on her may 1995 Australian tour, She loved the SeedSavers concept she even... Read More

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  • The peasant farmers of Papua New Guinea

    The peasant farmers of Papua New Guinea

    They are the salt of the world. We got so much inspiration from PNG people who are one of the earliest horticulturists on the face of the earth. They feature prominently in Our Seeds the film documentary we produced on the keepers of plant diversity.

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  • Alfredo Bonanno: prolific illustrator

    Alfredo Bonanno: prolific illustrator

    Alfredo grew all the plants so he had a life model to draw the hundreds of illustrations for the Seed Savers Handbook. It was a patient work of love where Alfredo spend more than 18 months to complete the projects: the plants dictated the rhythm. Thank you Alfredo to have helped make our book a... Read More

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  • Dorothy village visionary in Makira

    Dorothy village visionary in Makira

    Collecting banana varieties and species rare and endangered was Dorothy’s passion. She lived with husband a bush carpenter and their children in the island of Makira in a highland small  and isolated village named Bagohane, five hour walk from coast as there is no possibility of road in excessively steep highlands. At 19 she organised several... Read More

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  • From pesticide pusher to Minister of Environment

    From pesticide pusher to Minister of Environment

    One of the initiators of Rio in 1992, Jose Luzenberger (1926-2002), met with us in Bonn, Germany in April 1996. He decided on a walking meeting through the botanic gardens in Bonn and a visit to the museum of geology. Jose was trying to broker a deal on behalf of Seed Savers for the translation... Read More

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  • Alan Mordens “gives back” with Give peas a chance.

    Alan Mordens “gives back” with Give peas a chance.

    Alan Morden executive at Satchi n’ Satchi and his artist wife Denise gave seedsavers their best when they designed our logo (look up top of our page!). Alan discovered the now famous poster “Give Peas a Chance” in our archives, it was a banner painted on a french linen bed sheet would you believe. He... Read More

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  • Dorothy banana collection: 110 varieties

    Dorothy banana collection: 110 varieties

    Dorothy Tamasia, 19 collected and replanted in her school in the island of Makira, Solomon Islands. She traveled by food and canoes to different village clinics who centralised the banana suckers and kept for Dorothy. She also travelled by foot to make made a collection of highland varieties in her village. She learned how to... Read More

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  • Jerry Coleby-Williams interviews SeedSavers’ Michel and Jude Fanton

    Jerry Coleby-Williams interviews SeedSavers’ Michel and Jude Fanton

    Aug 9th 2014: on ABC TV Gardening Australia”A SeedSavers retrospective” with Jerry CW, long time friend & board member. Can be seen anytime on ABC IView, video on demand. Jerry is very personal to anyone he meets and forever answers all sorts of personal and gardening questions. Jerry writes for us: My life and work... Read More

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  • Dr Liz multi talents at work

    Dr Liz multi talents at work

    Dr Liz Elliot multi talented medical practitioner. She produced a few hundred illustrations in a very short space of time. Seedsavers is very grateful for her kind and pro-bono contribution to Seed To Seeds: Food Gardens in Schools. Because of her background and practice in a wide number of countries Dr Liz draw as the... Read More

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  • Transformational Film Assistance

    Micheal Shaun Conaway and wife Alex Melnyk brought Our Seeds the documentary we produced and its message to the forefront with their rare story telling, film making and graphic artistry gifts. The rain seed shower in the documentary was a gift from Micheal Shaun, and so were the film chapter illustrations. They also kindly produced... Read More

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  • Michelle Margolis Garden of Eden in Sydney

    Michelle Margolis Garden of Eden in Sydney

    Michele Margolis is a very active educator and mentor in Australian Permaculture spheres, and a strong voice and living example when it comes to producing food from locally saved seeds and caring for others. Michele was a Local Seed Network activator and a supporter of The Seeds Savers Network concept since the early days, establishing... Read More

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  • Mariko Hamaguchi a rice saver

    Mariko Hamaguchi a rice saver

    Mariko san recently visited seedsavers in Byron Bay and told a crowd of locals how she and husband Nori san can keep alive 500 varieties of rice in Ibaraki prefecture, Japan. Here she talks to Green Party MP Jan Barham and Jude Fanton of seedsavers. Do visit her site hers peace The couple visited... Read More

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  • Rasa Dover Seed Fairy Extraordinaire

    Rasa Dover Seed Fairy Extraordinaire

    When Rasa lived in Japan she joined Seed Savers Network as a foundation member in 1999. When she returned to Australia she landed not far from Byron Bay and created her Local Seed Network. Byron Hinterland Seed Savers. Rasa supported many seed savers shows extravaganzas, seed balls and other gigs SeedSavers run here in Byron... Read More

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  • Sakaban-san Masami: The quite seed achiever

    Sakaban-san Masami: The quite seed achiever

    Masami has remain active in Japan since she worked with Seedsavers  in Australia at the Seed Savers Network HQ,  and during several of our tours of Japan. Masami-san was also part of a group of translators who help get the seeds savers handbook published in Japan. Masami-san now visits, assists and organise local seed collection... Read More

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  • Bill Mollison a mentor for Seedsavers since 1986

    Bill Mollison a mentor for Seedsavers since 1986

      Permaculture’s founder Bill Mollison lives in Tasmania with his wife Lisa near the fishing village where he was born. Bill continues been curious about all things, writing,  gardening, reading new scientific books, and publishing with Tagari. Here Bill found something of interest in a tree nearby as a picture was been taken with Lisa, and... Read More

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  • Walking with Satish Kumar

    Walking with Satish Kumar

    We had the pleasure of previously hosting Satish Kumar, at Seedsavers in Byron Bay, on one of his world tour. Satish has authored more than 10 books and is a great mentor to Michel and Jude. We met Satish again at Clapham Common in SW London this time for a walk through parklands. We could... Read More

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  • Muhammad Ali Discovers Seed Savers in Cuba

    Muhammad Ali Discovers Seed Savers in Cuba

    In 1996, Jude and me Michel happen to cross paths with a humanitarian mission led by Muhammad Ali and a team of Latino optometrists delivering 20 000 vision glasses and consultations in a Havana hospital. Jude and Michel happened to be waiting for someone in the lobby of the famous Havana Libre Hotel next to Mohamed... Read More

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  • Stuart Owen Fox  and Einstein

    Stuart Owen Fox and Einstein

    Stuart Owen Fox 1942-2009, was an influential photographer for over 40 years who took a shine at Seed Savers. In the early 1940s Stuart while being walked by his father in California, met with the personal approval of possibly the most influential human being of the 20th Century: Albert Einstein who patted Stuart on the... Read More

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  • Christian Watts – Web Developer

    Christian came aboard in late 2013 to create the new Seed Savers website, complete with a social network system to facilitate the Local Seed Networks, Forums, Shop and new layout. Chris’ background is in photography, design, web development and tech consultancy. contact chris via

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  • Dr. Vanaja Ramprasad

    Dr. Vanaja Ramprasad

    We met Vanaja at a seed meeting with Vandana in Inida and we became friends. She invited us to be leading a course on establishing community seed banks in Karnataka State and Tamil Nadu. She come to visit us in Byron Bay. Dr Vanaja RamprasadVanaja founded the GREEN Foundation in the 1980s in Bangalore to... Read More

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  • John Brisbin – Consultant

    John Brisbin – Consultant

    When I first met Jude and Michel at the Vaucluse Open Garden Day in 1997 it was an encounter with the strong, organic energy of the living soil itself. Since that time we have shared many adventures together: me from the perspective of information machines and networks…they from the perspective of cultivating people and ideas... Read More

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  • Marvin the Ringneck

    Marvin the Ringneck

    Marvin the Indian Ringneck comes in every day and sings songs from all the other birds he has learnt. He brings much joy and delight to the home of Seed Savers

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