We had the pleasure of previously hosting Satish Kumar, at Seedsavers in Byron Bay, on one of his world tour. Satish has authored more than 10 books and is a great mentor to Michel and Jude. We met Satish again at Clapham Common in SW London this time for a walk through parklands. We could hardly keep up with his quite but giant foot steps…Satish encouraged us to continue organising Free Seed networks where home gardeners urban and rural can share their locally adapted vegetable and fruit seeds  and shared food and biocultural know-how. Photo taken sharing a pot of tea (indian!) in Clapham UK. We has previously showed our film doco Our Seeds and gave a talk at the Shumacher College in Devon, UK.Satish Kumar is born in India, now living in England, choose to become a Jain monk at 9 years old, and is the founder and editor of the magazine Resurgence, founder and Director of Programmes of the Schumacher College international centre for ecological studies and of The Small School. He was with Ghandi on his marches across India and has walked 8000 miles more than 10 000 km, to London via Moscow and Paris, and on muddy tracks throught many little villages in between.  That is how he was hosted by many peasants farmers of very numerous cultures and learnt of the value of local food from locally saved seeds.  Zeph Fanton took the shot.

Jude in a conversation sandwich between  Satish and Michel

Jude in a conversation sandwich between Satish and Michel

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