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Supporting Seed Saving Globally

Seedsavers principals and funders Jude and Michel Fanton know the value of peasant and tribal contribution to biodiversity and local culture: each year they embark on Seed Solidarity Tours to set up community seed exchanges and networks, give keynotes, visit existing seed projects and generally lend a hand, partnering seed organisations to gain more national and local public attention. They often return to these countries to follow up on the progress of the various organisations where they always find new ideas and inspiration to share with other local networks.

Here are those countries, nations and tribal areas.

Growing List

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In Summary

Worked on, documented and researched seed saving in forty-four countries

Trained seventy-two interns from seventeen of those countries

Helped twenty-seven interns to work on seed saving projects in eleven of those countries

Channelled small grants to thirty-five food biodiversity projects around the globe.

Filmed in thirty-two countries and produced a one hour documentary, “Our Seeds”, for the people of Melanesia

Donated 1000 copies of “Our Seeds” to people and projects around the world

Filmed “Our Roots” in Vanuatu, on how to re-diversify root crops through reproduction with seeds.

Made clips and uploaded them to Seedsavers Youtube Channel as a filmic blog on food production and distribution in eleven countries.


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