Far far away from the Gift of Seed (or food) of the Vedic culture aka Anadanna or the highly sacred seed of the Andeans ancient cultures, we have chosen to show you seeds dressed up as a commodity for the global market, a mere product worth  25-28 $ Billions a year trade. That is the subject of this research. With just a few thousand US $ for the research paper you can find out the position of seed on the investment market in 2018.
I quote from the research paper: “The seed market is primarily driven by the consumption of seeds with traits which is gaining awareness among the farmers. Oilseed and grain seeds are key segments of the global seed market.”
Traits refer to genes are been selected to be included in the new proprietary hi-tech seeds. Expect GMOs to fit into this category. Traits or characteristics such as herbicide resistance, shelf life for vegetables, high oil content for biofuels, are now “discovered” with gene marker technology, selected and inserted into other plants to become GMOs you find mostly in processed food as part of ingredients. One particularly sought after genetic trait may end up been leased for hundreds of varieties of vegetables, tubers, cereals or fibres, creating bonanza cash- windfall to the gene tech giants.

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