Thu, 17/11/2011 – Jude Fanton
Michel and Jude Fanton are on a speaking tour of Portugal from 4th to 13th November. They are attending and speaking the national seed savers’ gathering, showing their film, “Our Seeds”, giving workshops and teaching on an Introduction to Permaculture workshop. Please see the programme below.
The Seed Savers screening and courses continues.
Thursday 10: Leave for Coimbra in the north to one of the oldest botanic gardens in Europe, where a kitchen garden has been created recently.
15 – 17h workshop on seeds and seed saving.
17 – 19h workshop on seed savouring with Annelieke – a culinary workshop and afterwards participants will eat the results of their work in an informal dinner.
Friday 10, 20.30h: Screening of “Our Seeds” at a theatre near the Coimbra Botanical Garden – public session with a discussion afterwards, with panelists.
Saturday 12 and Sunday 13: In Coimbra, Introduction to Permaculture course created as a Seed Savers Tour fund raiser, with an emphasis on seed issues.
Michel and Jude relax in a fishing town on the coast north of Porto. They upload clips above and eat grill sardines.
Saturday 26th Nov – Screening of “Our Seeds” in Geres in northern Portugal
Sunday 27th Рparticipation at Geres Jornada de Agricultura BioLógica e Soberania Alimentar
Seed Savers Tour of Spain, December 2011
Friday 2nd Dec – visit and presentations at the Andalucia Red de Semillas “Resembrando e Intercambiando” (Seed Savers) in Seville, Andalucia, Spain.
Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th – visit and presentations at the Andalucia Red de Semillas “Resembrando e Intercambiando” (Seed Savers) in Marbella, Andalucia.
Friday 9th Dec – visit and presentations at the Aragon Red de Semillas “Resembrando e Intercambiando” (Seed Savers) in Zaragoza, Aragon.
Beyond Portugal and Spain December to February 2012
We shall be in south-west France from mid-December until February 2012. Let us know if you have contacts in these, or nearby, countries.
… and more than 400 clips we have produced on and uploaded in the Youtube player north of here.

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