Wed, 10/11/2010 – Michel Fanton
The Schumacher College in Devon UK opened its heart and mind to welcome Seed Savers in November 2010.
We had the pleasure and the privilege to meet Stephan Harding at the helm and to get the feedback and questions from a wide bracket of students. Earlier in London we were led on a brisk walk through Clapham by Satish Kumar who also teaches at Schumacher, and is the Founding Editor of the excellent Resurgence magazine.
We have been invited to work with the students when we return to Europe in Spring 2011.
IMAGE: Having a cup of chai tea with Satish Kumar, who walked 10 000 km from India to Europe in 1967 and is a teacher at the College. Zephyr Fanton and Aurelie Maw entertained Satish and got a slice of his wisdom. Jude Fanton at right.
Worth googling Satish if you are curious.

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