Thu, 25/02/2010 – Jude Fanton
Email 18/02/10
Hi Jude and Michel, I hope you remember us as we certainly remember you for your support to our Sustainability Expo. A few years ago you very kindly donated a book for our raffle at our Sustainability Expo. Well that was an inspiration to us and we have been saving seeds ever since. I just wanted to let you know that we are now distributing a game the children made based on their seed to seed gardening experiences. Originally the children made the game to share with their family at Christmas. Due to the continued children’s love of the game we are launching a shop as part of our website and will be selling the game. Here’s the details of our game:
The Sunflower Game
Follow the growth of a sunflower from when you first plant the seeds to gathering the seeds to replant next season. Along the way meet some of the small creatures and birds that share the sunflower’s habitat. Designed by the children of The Point Preschool and inspired by their involvement in seed to seed gardening and the visitors to the preschool’s playground, an interactive game to share with the family, The Sunflower Game comes with a numbered dice and 6 counters.
I would love to send you one of our games in appreciation of your donation to us and the wonderful work you are doing. Could you let me know an address to mail the game?
I am excited to say that our Sustainability Expo has continued to be a great success and we are now organising our 4th Sustainability Expo for Sat 20th March. If you are visiting Sydney please drop in.
You may like to have a look at our website and also watch ABC Gardening Australia Saturday 27th March at 6.30pm as this episodes features the preschool and our gardening adventures.
Thank you for the inspiration!!
All the best, Catherine Lee, Director
The Point Preschool, Oyster Bay

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