Directly from a Chinese Gov webiste: Chinese have been breeding lots of GMO vegetable crops and used to market the seeds via Hong Kong. Origins of seeds need special attention. The best vegetable seed varieties are grown locally.
China should overtake the U.S. to become the largest seed market, with a volume reaching $ 14.2 billion in 2015, said Sunday the vice-president of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences of China, Liu Xu.
China is currently the second largest seed market, with a value of 65 billion yuan ($ 10.5 billion), said Liu Xu, at a forum on the eve of World Congress of seed 2014 opens on Monday.
The seed industry has entered a period of rapid development in China.
The value of the U.S. seed market amounts to some $ 12 billion, representing 26.7% of the global market, according to figures published in 2012 by the International Seed Federation (ISF).

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