Monthly Archives: September 2016


Bill Mollison passed away peacefully in Tasmania.

Bill was such a big part of our family and our children.

Jude and Michel Fanton the founder of SeedSavers Network and Foundation visited him overnight two weeks ago in Hobart Tasmania.

“We had laughters, smiled, hugs, gave soft feet massages, food, home made perfumes to sniff, (Neroli Huile Antique and Sandal wood extractions).  We also cried together on our last day with him.”

“Bill recalled finding ambergris in Stanley floating to the beach. he show its size with his hands. One white and one grew one.”

We miss you dearest Bill.


Seed: The new untold story coming out

This is just the trailer of a new doco on seeds. Our documentary is called “Our Seeds” a 57 mn doco was produced in 2008 in 11 countries. It is translated into  a range of languages. Portuguese, french, chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Russian and more.