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Indian Farmers Think Twice Before Entrusting their Seeds to Institutions

In a New Dehli seed fair organised by farmers, Dr Debal Deb is credited to collect with his farmers organisation 920 traditional rice varieties from peasant rice farmers. Dr Deb whom Michel and Jude met in India distributes seeds freely to farmers: As a matter of principle Dr Deb never shares his priceless germ plasm with plant breeders or seed companies. Find out why this folk hero doesn’t.

Fischer crops up in Arctic, carrying seeds of lifeIT was a bone-chilling -15C in the Arctic Circle this week when Boree Creek’s most famous farmer, former deputy prime minister Tim Fischer, stood in the half-light on a frozen mountain and entrusted his farm’s wheat and oats seeds to the future of mankind.

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China Rejecting U.S. Corn as First Shipment From Ukraine ArrivesBloomberg News China continued to reject corn cargoes from the U.S. that contained an unapproved genetically modified variety while accepting a first bulk-carrier shipment of the grain from Ukraine. Genetically modified corn and corn-derived products totaling 601,000 metric tons were rejected in 2013, the official Xinhua News Agency reported today, citing the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine.

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Planting the Seeds of wisdom

Our recent article in the Echo

Planting the seeds of wisdomMichel and Jude Fanton are in perpetual motion, a two-person NGO (non-government organisation) on a global odyssey for seed freedom. The couple formed Seedsavers in 1986 after concerns that corporate seed production would lead to the loss of varieties cultivated over centuries for their taste, nutrition and robustness.

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