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Jerry Coleby-Williams interviews SeedSavers’ Michel and Jude Fanton

Aug 9th 2014: on ABC TV Gardening Australia”A SeedSavers retrospective” with Jerry CW, long time friend & board member. Can be seen anytime on ABC IView, video on demand. Jerry is very personal to anyone he meets and forever answers all sorts of personal and gardening questions.

Jerry writes for us: My life and work can best be outlined using the fundamental and overlapping ethics of organic growing:

1 Stewardship of the Earth That is, working for and caring for all things, both living and non-living, including soil, water, air, and both wild and cultivated biodiversity;

2 Care of humanity Working for the sustainable provision of clean air, clean water, healthy soil, nutritious and affordable food, sound education, rewarding employment, all in a non-exploitative way that also allows people to improve the environment, their homes, and their lives;

3 Re-investing knowledge and skills By re-investing my knowledge and skills using my spare time, money and energy I aim to support sustainability through the stewardship of the Earth and care of humanity, to build capacity, and to enable others to follow suit, thereby strengthening these two ethics within and between the horticultural and conservation communities.

As an executive member of Queensland Conservation, I have helped initiate the ‘Grow Local’ community project aimed at sound nutrition, local employment, farmland conservation, and transition past peak oil. Through QC I sit on the Queensland Sustainable Agriculture committee, and the Brisbane City Council ‘City Smart’ committee, and I have been actively advocating the inclusion of Soil Carbon Sequestration in the federal government’s Carbon Trading Scheme.

I am an active advocate and participate in Guerilla Gardening, having established the Brisbane wing of this international gardening movement. I am currently a patron of the Australia & New Zealand Solar Energy Society.


Farmers seeds reduce to a handful

Over the last 15 years, new kinds of hybrid and GM seeds have already spread extensively in Pakistan through informal means, as well as the active manipulation of farmers by seed organisations that offer free sample seeds with productivity promises — without telling farmers that these seeds are genetically modified and can potentially contaminate neighbouring fields as well. Coupled with the Green Revolution earlier, these recent practices have reduced desi crop varieties to such an extent that, according to Dr Azra Saeed (executive director of Roots for Equity), indigenous seed has been “reduced to a handful.” In such a context, why is Pakistan hastily passing laws to promote the further spread of commercial and GM seed?



Bill Mollison passed away peacefully in Tasmania.

Bill was such a big part of our family and our children.

Jude and Michel Fanton the founder of SeedSavers Network and Foundation visited him overnight two weeks ago in Hobart Tasmania.

“We had laughters, smiled, hugs, gave soft feet massages, food, home made perfumes to sniff, (Neroli Huile Antique and Sandal wood extractions).  We also cried together on our last day with him.”

“Bill recalled finding ambergris in Stanley floating to the beach. he show its size with his hands. One white and one grew one.”

We miss you dearest Bill.


Seed: The new untold story coming out

This is just the trailer of a new doco on seeds. Our documentary is called “Our Seeds” a 57 mn doco was produced in 2008 in 11 countries. It is translated into  a range of languages. Portuguese, french, chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Russian and more.



June and July Seed tour this european summer 2016

Jude and Michel will be travelling to Singapore, Turkey, Italy and France this coming June and July. Michel will visit his gardening family in Les Vosges and the southerm bighland of Les Cevennes in Le Vigan to celebrate his 70th birthday with 30 years of seed action in 40 countries.


Vanuatu. We Took Part In An Australian Aid Program. It Was More About Helping Your Country Than Ours

Australia has long held an ideological opposition to the way of life of my people in Vanuatu. Customary land, our traditions, our ‘subsistence’ culture and ‘informal’ economy are seen as inherent impediments to development. Our perspective and values are not taken into consideration because countries like Australia see only the need for economic growth

Advocates for traditional landowners in Vanuatu, Aminio David and Anita Tenkon were left disillusioned by an Australian aid program. Here, they explain why.