Register new Local Seed Network

Registering a Local Seed Network (LSN) is straightforward. First check the LSN Map to ensure there isn’t already a Local Seed Network close to where you live. If not, create one yourself with friends and family members. If you would like to know more about what running an LSN involves, look at the Local Seed Network Charter in right sidebar – opens in a new tab. We have written the Local Seed Network Manual on how to establish, run and nurture a Local Seed Network.

You will need to decide on a name and the aims and activities of your Local Seed Network. We shall prompt you on these steps in the registration form.

Here is the step-by-step process:

  • register as a Seed Saver
  • read our Local Seed Network Charter (in right sidebar – opens in a new tab)
  • tick the box to agree to the Charter
  • fill in the registration form which provides prompts
  • pay the LSN registration fee (Only Australian LSNs pay the registration fee)

Once you have completed the registration, we shall create an LSN page for you and email you the link for downloading a free e-book of the Local Seed Network Manual