Seed Savers Supporter Fee

Seed Savers’ Supporters Fee


Support the Seed Savers’ to continue their remarkable work around the world

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Note: we do not charge GST
The support the Seed Savers’ Network offers includes:
Starter Kit a web page on the Seed Savers website for LSNs to promote their activities and gain new members,

access to a purpose-written manual for establishing and maintaining an LSN: Local Seed Network Manual.

Ongoing Support

general administration, including web site administration,
technical telephone advice on all aspects of coordinating a seed network,
publicity for LSNs around Australia through Seed Savers’ public profile and media contacts (see more below),
support visits to LSNs (please arrange at least six months in advance). we will have an online chart of regions we visit.

Workshops by arrangement, screening of the film ‘Our Seeds’,
Curricula for seed saving courses.
Resources at Bulk Prices
Seed Savers offers discounts on five or more copies of each resource. These can be either for use by LSNs or for them to sell for income generation including:

The Seed Savers’ Handbook, AUD$32 ($19 each for five or more copies, $16 each for a box of forty)
Local Seed Network Manual, AUD$25 ($17 each for five or more copies; $30 each for overseas orders, $22 for five or more)
Seed to Seed, Food Gardens in Schools,
DVD of one hour documentary “Our Seeds” released in 2008, 57 minutes, $24 post paid ($15 for five or more copies).
Local Seed Networks receive all four Seed Savers’ posters Free with every order!