Local Seed Network Fee

Local Seed Network Fee


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Your annual payments will help us to promote Local Seed Networks and support those LSNs still in the establishment phase. The cost is $50 for one year or $45 for further years.

You will receive ongoing support from Seed Savers as well as at start-up.

Start-up Support Offered by The Seed Savers’ Network

• a web-page on Seed Savers’ website,
• Local Seed Network Manual (90 pages), as a pdf online, with ideas and methods on how to establish and run a Local Seed Network,
• back copies of Seed Savers’ newsletters for you to use as background information,
• a copy of each of our five seed saving posters.

Ongoing Support

• General administration, including web site administration,
• Technical advice on all aspects of the seed saving process and coordinating a seed network,
• Publicity for LSNs around Australia through Seed Savers’ public profile and media contacts,
• Support visits to LSNs (to be arranged in advance),
• News sent by email approximately every three months,
• Training workshops in your area by arrangement,
• Curricula for seed saving courses.

Discount Public Liability Insurance
If you are a “stand alone” entity, you will need public liability insurance in case someone is hurt during one of your events; you may alternatively decide to form your group under the auspices of an existing group that has its own public liability insurance.
We have negotiated with an insurance broker for our LSNs to have discounted public liability insurance, making it much more cost-effective than other options; at January 2014 this was $350 per year.
Resources at Bulk Prices
Seed Savers offers resources either for your members or to sell for income-generation including:

• The Seed Savers’ Handbook ($32 post paid or $19 for five or more copies),
• Local Seed Network Manual ($25 post paid or $17 for five or more copies),
• Seed to Seed Food Gardens in Schools ($28 post paid or $19 for five or more copies),
• Our Seeds one hour documentary ($24 post paid or $15 for five or more copies).

Promotional Materials
If you would like us to send you any of these, please contact us:
Pamphlets for education and recruiting
Posters for training and promotion:
Give Peas a Chance (A4 and A3),
Lettuce Be (A4 and A3),
Help us Grow (A3),
The Short Happy Life of Cucumber (A2).
Actively recruiting LSNs
We contact organisations that may be interested, or even active, in saving traditional varieties of food plants to formally commence an LSN.
We determine areas of Australia that have no LSNs and focus our recruiting efforts there.
While we don’t enforce payment of LSN fees, we do appreciate your appreciation.