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Vanuatu. We Took Part In An Australian Aid Program. It Was More About Helping Your Country Than Ours

Australia has long held an ideological opposition to the way of life of my people in Vanuatu. Customary land, our traditions, our ‘subsistence’ culture and ‘informal’ economy are seen as inherent impediments to development. Our perspective and values are not taken into consideration because countries like Australia see only the need for economic growth

Advocates for traditional landowners in Vanuatu, Aminio David and Anita Tenkon were left disillusioned by an Australian aid program. Here, they explain why.


seed saving: planet in focus


The 2015 Planet In Focus film festival’s Canadian Eco-Hero of the year, Millan will be joining an esteemed list of past winners such as David Suzuki and Col. Chris Hadfield. This year’s International Eco-Hero will be University of Punjab physicist Vandana Shiva, an honour she’ll share with former winners like actor Robert Redford and wildlife illustrator Robert Bateman. – See more at: