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Transformational Film Assistance

Micheal Shaun Conaway and wife Alex Melnyk brought Our Seeds the documentary we produced and its message to the forefront with their rare story telling, film making and graphic artistry gifts. The rain seed shower in the documentary was a gift from Micheal Shaun, and so were the film chapter illustrations. They also kindly produced the promo for Our Seeds.  Both made a difference to the way we delivered our seed message.Their company Storyworks is a creative agency and high performance leadership consulting company through directing and producing films. Their New Mexican cuisine and culture they exposed us to was transformational


GM Seeds Trade Pushed Onto Nations


Conspiracies are not our favourite subject of conversation in our household at least. In this case USaid or Dep of Trade pressuring governments to purchase US products is business as usual. Don’t you think? GM seeds and pesticides package are no different. Widespread farmer to famers seed exchanges or seed cooperatives may help to break the vicious circle. The demand by centralised food distribution, the Wallmart syndrome, is the real problem. They need predictability, uniformity of product etc etc,  From there proprietary GM or otherwise hybrid seeds are pushed to farmers who have in the end little choice but to break free from the market dictators.


Michelle Margolis Garden of Eden in Sydney

Michele Margolis is a very active educator and mentor in Australian Permaculture spheres, and a strong voice and living example when it comes to producing food from locally saved seeds and caring for others. Michele was a Local Seed Network activator and a supporter of The Seeds Savers Network concept since the early days, establishing Inner West Seed Savers and The Seed Library in 2009 with local partners Jane Mowbray from City Farms and Community Gardens and others.She produced the Permaculture Diary 2009-2012 with designer and designer of the Permaculture icons, Richard Telford and Subgreen Design’s Calan Stanley.

Jude and Michel had the great pleasure of visiting Michele’s astonishing quarter of an acre urban garden (plus street verge) in Marickville inner-west Sydney, Australia. It affords all the adds-on you would wish for to make a truly resourceful wonder. In 2014 she harvested 500 mangoes in one season from one tree she planted. Michele is not a bad manipulator of climate when her garden is at 33.86 latitude south. When she visited Seed Savers Network in early June 2014 with friend Justine, (PIP Australian Permaculture), Michelle took an inner-child picture of a water puddle with evidence of deeply childish fun.


Watch out! Chinese Cheap Seeds Coming

Directly from a Chinese Gov webiste: Chinese have been breeding lots of GMO vegetable crops and used to market the seeds via Hong Kong. Origins of seeds need special attention. The best vegetable seed varieties are grown locally.

China should overtake the U.S. to become the largest seed market, with a volume reaching $ 14.2 billion in 2015, said Sunday the vice-president of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences of China, Liu Xu.
China is currently the second largest seed market, with a value of 65 billion yuan ($ 10.5 billion), said Liu Xu, at a forum on the eve of World Congress of seed 2014 opens on Monday.
The seed industry has entered a period of rapid development in China.
The value of the U.S. seed market amounts to some $ 12 billion, representing 26.7% of the global market, according to figures published in 2012 by the International Seed Federation (ISF).


Mariko Hamaguchi a rice saver

Mariko san recently visited seedsavers in Byron Bay and told a crowd of locals how she and husband Nori san can keep alive 500 varieties of rice in Ibaraki prefecture, Japan. Here she talks to Green Party MP Jan Barham and Jude Fanton of seedsavers. Do visit her site hers peace

The couple visited 10 years ago in an early visit to Seedsavers. mariko san was instrumental in translating and publishing the Seed Savers Handbook in Japan.


Rasa Dover Seed Fairy Extraordinaire

When Rasa lived in Japan she joined Seed Savers Network as a foundation member in 1999. When she returned to Australia she landed not far from Byron Bay and created her Local Seed Network. Byron Hinterland Seed Savers. Rasa supported many seed savers shows extravaganzas, seed balls and other gigs SeedSavers run here in Byron Bay Seed Gardens. Besides a wonderful Japanese inspired home, Rasa created a food forest and a myriad suite of individual food gardens. Like a Rapsodie in Food Plant. Rasa manages to finds time to grow yet more seeds and plants for others that she make available as a road stall near Federal via Byron Bay. Thank you Rasa for the wholesome food and seed gig you run.