Monthly Archives: May 2014

John Brisbin – Consultant

When I first met Jude and Michel at the Vaucluse Open Garden Day in 1997 it was an encounter with the strong, organic energy of the living soil itself.

Since that time we have shared many adventures together: me from the perspective of information machines and networks…they from the perspective of cultivating people and ideas in their vast garden of learnings.

As the years have entwined their way into our memories, the technologies of websites and the chemistry of the Seed Savers organisation have both transformed. Professionally, I work for natural resource management organisation and related social enterprises through my company BoaB Interactive.


Marvin the Ringneck

Marvin the Indian Ringneck comes in every day and sings songs from all the other birds he has learnt. He brings much joy and delight to the home of Seed Savers