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Seed Saving 101 Workshop in Alexandria Saturday 13th October

Fri, 28/09/2012 – Jude Fanton


Seed Saving 101, 9:00am – 4:00pm, Oct 13 2012, Alexandria Park Community Centre – Sydney

This practical workshop will suit anyone interested in best-practice seed saving for their home and community, as well as anyone wanting to learn more about the ongoing challenges of seed sovereignty that face communities across the globe. Jude and Michel  will take you through the details of basic seed saving covering: seed collection, multiplying, storage, distribution of open pollinated seed varieties

Participants are encouraged to bring seed material with them to this workshop, as we will be actively going through the many stages of seed saving throughout the day. This unique day is also an opportunity to learn from Jude and Michel the many challenges facing seed sovereignty across the globe, and what strategies communities are putting in place to save their locally adapted varieties

Part of the Global Seed Alliance’s fortnight of action for seed freedom. A one-day workshop with Australian seed saving pioneers Michel + Jude Fanton, covering seed collecting, multiplying, storage and distribution of open pollinated seed varieties.

Cost will be $69 with all proceeds going towards community seed network projects, as part of Milkwood’s fairshare charter. Please bring with you seeds to swap, process and share, if you’ve saved some of your own. It will be a great day and we hope to see you there!

Here’s Costa and Vandana Shiva talking about Occupy the Seed:

Here’s more about the Seed Savers.

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Seed to Seed Keynote at Community Gardens Gathering

Fri, 28/09/2012 – Jude Fanton

On Friday 12th October Michel and Jude Fanton will make a keynote presentation on Seed to Seed Gardens at the Australian City Farms and Community Gardens Network 5th National Gathering at Randwick Sustainability Education Hub, Sydney
Themes are Growing food • transforming place • creating culture … celebrating community one lettuce at a time
Join Jude and Michel Fanton at 9am on Friday 12th October in this great adventure of seed saving and the Act of Seed Freedom to ensure those of the future enjoy the nutritional wealth of our seed, the true measure of progress for humanity’s future.
Local seed saver, Jane Mowbray will take us through the nitty gritty of seed saving on Thursday and Friday afternoons. See the Australian City Farms and Community Gardens Network website.
Wednesday 10 October—registration + welcome dinner
Thursday 11 & Friday 12 October—2 day national gathering
Saturday 13 October—partner with Heaven & Earth Festival
Sunday 14 October—Tours of school and community gardens
The 5th National Gathering continues the tradition of bringing together people active in community gardening and in developing school gardens for education, to share their experience and to map a course into the future in which these initiatives play a leading role in developing our sustainable towns and cities.


Diversify your Garden Workshop in Sydney 7th October

Fri, 28/09/2012 – Jude Fanton

This one-day workshop presented by Jude and Michel Fanton is being run by Permaculture Sydney Institute. It is the first of four events in Sydney to mark International Fortnight of Action for Seed Freedom.
The workshop will include species of lesser known plants, the self-seeding garden, saving seeds of annual and biennial crops, how to produce quality seeds, improving a variety by selection, local vs commercial “heirlooms” and how to use unexpected parts of familiar plants, thereby extending plant usage.
Local Sydney Seed groups are invited to come, swap and share seeds and produce as well as network and exchange information prior to the workshop between 9am and 10am. Only $69 for the 10am – 4pm workshop. This includes workshop fee, organic lunches, morning and afternoon teas and all course materials. All proceeds go to helping to start national and regional seed networks.
Find out more from Permaculture Sydney Institute. Hope to see you there!