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Rollinia Mania

Fri, 29/06/2012 – Michel Fanton
Wet winter months are the time to harvest Rollinia deliciosa here at 28.3º latitude south. We heard that they are strictly tropical but here in the coastal subtropics of Australia, they give us great crops and handle very well our wet boggy soils near the sea in Byron Bay Australia. We also have seen them in the highlands of Borneo at 1500 metres altitude (4500 feet for you in USA).

FILM CLIP: See Jude presenting Rollinia fresh from the tree.
On our Youtube channel we have added a playlist (compilation) of several videos we have on how to grow, harvest and use Rollinia. View our Rollinia channel here


How we Dry Black Bamboos

Fri, 22/06/2012 – Michel Fanton

See our video about how we dry and store Timorese Black Bamboo poles, upright so they dry evenly.
Timor Black (Lako) is very beautiful in the garden as it forms an open clump. It is a very light bamboo and quite useful for making containers but it is not a structural bamboo as it has thin walls. This clump is ten years old. We are at latitude 28.3S